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NON Line of Sight Wireless

Non Line of Site Wireless is a consulting company focused on RF Microwave Link test equipment training. We train your manufacturing, programming and field operations personnel in the latest RF wireless technology.

Our company does consulting for UAV/UGV data link system design, bench testing to verify that data link modules meet their published specs, data link integration onto your UAV platform (eliminate RFI), and on-site training for RF test equipment and procedures. NON Line of Sight Wireless does not represent or sell any data link OEM brands. NON Line of Sight Wireless has a close relationship with the top suppliers of the latest technology for air to ground data links using COFDM and TDMA with TCP/IP protocols, including MIMO and MESH. Our Services data sheet explains in detail what NON Line of Sight Wireless provides for system design, on-site data link integration, and test equipment training and procedures. There are 3 videos on the NON Line of Sight Wireless website the cover some key issues.

Many small to mid-size UAV companies don’t have an RF System engineer on staff. Ken Andrew is that guy and the reason why you should bring in Ken as your consultant. NON Line of Sight Wireless' process starts with sending you an extensive survey to ID your mission applications and technical requirements. NON Line of Sight Wireless designs the link end to end including considerations for any bi-amps, antennas on the UAV, and tracking antennas on the ground. This includes issues involving video compression, video stabilization and target tracking. NON Line of Sight Wireless can also help you convert almost any other data bus to/from IP. Once the system is designed we direct you to the top 3 data link suppliers, any RF amplifier OEM’s, and suppliers of video encoders/decoders. You buy direct from them.

NON Line of Sight Wireless can come on site to integrate your new data link onto your platform. Often UAV hardware like the flight computer or cameras have digital noise that block the data link, limiting the range. The new data link can degrade GPS, ADS-B and Iridium Satcom. There can be several RF interference (RFI) issues to resolve before you get the range you expect. If you don’t have RF staff, NON Line of Sight Wireless can train your EE/ME staff on RF system design and RF link integration onto your platform. That includes test equipment operation with techniques to maintain the RF hardware and resolve future RFI problems. NON Line of Sight Wireless can also train your customers that can drive you crazy with RF data link issues that cannot be resolved over telephone. That will help keep you from having to send your key staff on long trips, often at your expense, to resolve RF problems.

See our Services page for solutions to these and other RF Data Link issues that NON Line of Sight Wireless provides.

Introduction Video of Four Part Series

Top data link, RF amplifier OEM’s, and video encoders/decoders suppliers

NON Line of Sight Wireless will always point you in the right direction for your RF technology needs.